Necklaces & Pendants

Whether dressing up a casual outfit or for a fancy night on the town, a necklace is a wonderful accessory. From simple to ornate, Joliano Jewelers offers many variations of necklace styles.

Two of the most popular categories are pendants and necklaces. A diamond necklace is constructed with gold or platinum links and set with diamonds either partially or all the way around the neckline. A pendant is an adornment designed to be suspended from either a chain or cord. A pendant features a bail style, which is an arched (often oval, teardrop, or d-shaped) metal component by which the pendant hangs. It is meant to slide onto the chain rather than being soldered to it so that the pendant moves independently from the chain and is not a permanent part of the chain or cord.

Pendant styles also vary and can include solitaire, slide, and locket. Choosing the style is not the only component to buying a necklace; you should also consider the length.



A pendant necklace comes with a chain which matches in metal type. The standard chain length for a pendant is 18″, however, you can also order a 16″, 17″ or 18″ chain.

If you are ordering a diamond necklace, it should hit the center of your neckline. The standard length for diamond necklaces is 16″ however, the length can be adjusted simply by adding small links to the back end of the necklace. In general, the three main categories for diamond necklace lengths are: the ‘standard’ length ( 16″ ), the ‘princess’ length ( 18″ ), and the ‘opera’ length ( 24″ ),